Fiberglass Geogrid
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  • Fiberglass Geogrid
    Made from fiberglass filament that are coated with asphalt.


     Fiberglass Geogrid


    Possessing properties such as high tensile strength in both MD and CD directions, low elongation, excellent temperature range, good anti-age and alkali- resistance. It is extensively used in the reinforcement of asphalt pavement, concrete pavement. It can reduce construction costs, extend service life of road and prevent deflection cracks. Applied in asphaltum road or cement concrete road, mantenance, reconstruction and widening of road surface or airport road surface.

    - High tensile strength

    - High heat resistance and perfect cold-proof performance

    - High modulus and low expansion coefficient

    - High chemical and biological resistance

    - High resistance to installation damage Ease of installation

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